Who is Candycat


爱好写shader、计算机图形学、写博客、看书;经常在Shadertoy上学习和分享shader;之前一直在CSDN上分享技术博客。个人编写的技术书籍《Unity Shader入门精要》(异步社区 | 亚马逊 | 京东 | 当当)于2016年由人民邮电出版社出版发售。


联系方式:lelefeng1992 # gmail DOT com

Hi, my name is Lele Feng. I received my master degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2017, working at Digital ART Lab advised by Xubo Yang. I received my bachelor degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014. My research interest is computer graphics, including modeling, rendering, and augmented reality (AR). Currently I am working in game industry.

I like sharing shaders in Shadertoy and writing blogs. In 2015, I wrote a book naming Essentials of Learning Unity Shader (Epubit | Amazon | JD | Dangdang), published by the People's Posts and Telecommunications Press(Posts & Telecom Press)in 2016.

For more about my publications and projects, please visit my Portfolio.

Contact me:lelefeng1992 # gmail DOT com